11th August, 2010

» IPad & Paper Cost

8th August, 2010

Telestudy is becoming more popular, this video highlights distance learning.

7th August, 2010

Online Dating

Online Dating

Online Dating Communities

posted 4 years ago

Online dating communities have been around for many years now. There are sites made for everyone, depending on what type of relationship you are looking for. Now, with the introduction of smartphones, come real-time dating services. “Location-based mobile dating company Meetmoi announced earlier this week that their popular service has come to Android.  Called MeetMoi NOW, the free application allows users to share their basic information which is then used to help meet others with similar interests.”  Not only will the person share similar interests, but they will live in your area. For more information click here. 

2nd August, 2010


posted 4 years ago

As explained in an earlier post, Wiki’s can be a great source of information. That is until someone abuses the power. Wikileaks is a muckraking website, which claims to have post corporate and government documents exposing wrongdoing. Recently however, the website is under scrutiny. It “leaked” classifed war documents from Afghanistan.  There were over 90,000 documents from casuality reports to strategy papers. It reveals more information about the war than any other document. 

This release of classified information is now being used by the Taliban to target allies and informants. The site is still up and running, however may be shut down. Shutting down the website may be a violation of freedom of speech. This spotlights the good and bad side of Wiki’s. 

For more information see BBC News. 

29th July, 2010

Linkedin is for people you know. Facebook is for people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know.

27th July, 2010

Facebook reaches 500 million users!

23rd July, 2010

Blogs & Skype coming to a home near you. 

Blogs & Skype coming to a home near you. 

21st July, 2010



posted 4 years ago

A wiki, according to Wikipedia, is a website that allows easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked webpages via a web browser.  Anyone can edit the page, contribute or even start their own page. Wiki, is Hawiian for fast. The Wiki has become a way to share information fast. When conducting a Google search, usually the first site to appear is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can add to or edit.

Wiki’s have created some problems for college students and other people doing research. Since Wiki’s are edited and created by anyone, the credibility of the information is debatable.


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